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Stevioside and Rebaudioside A (NH2P-50 4E)

Polymer-based-amino column, Asahipak NH2P-50 4E was used to separate stevioside and rebaudioside A, which were…
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Sulfanilamides (DE-413)

Sulfanilamides were analyzed using RSpak DE-413, a column for reversed phase chromatography. Sample : 20…
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LC/MS Analysis of Macrolide Antibiotics (C18U 2B)

The C18U series column is a silica-based reversed phase column especially designed for UHPLC use.…
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Phenoxy Resin (2) (LF-804)

  Phenoxy Resin was analyzed using GPC LF-804 ( a column for GPC separation ).…
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Preservatives (ODP-50 4D)

The type of preservatives allowed using in cosmetics and their limits are regulated in Japan…
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Polyphosphates (2) (SB-802.5HQ)

Polyphosphates were separated using OHpak SB-802.5 HQ (a column for GFC separation). Sample : 2…
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Organic Acids in Vinegar (KC-811)

Organic acids in vinegar were analyzed using RSpak KC-811. Sample : Vinegar, 20 μL (1)…
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Saccharides and Sugar Alcohols (4) (SC1011)

In the Guidelines on Nutrition Labelling in Japan, ligand-exchange columns of 7.8-8.0mm I.D. x 300mm…
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Biodegradable Polymer (4) (Polylactic Acid) (HK-404L)

Polylactic acid which is one of the biodegradable polymer was analyzed using GPC HK-404L, an…
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The retention time of N-methylcarbamates can be shortened by increasing organic solvent concentration. Since RSpak…
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GPC clean-up Sample (1) fatty tuna and beef tallow

Fatty tuna and beef tallow were treated using CLNpak EV-2000 AC . Sample : 5mL…
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Ethanolamines and Alkylamines

Ethanolamines and alkylamines were analyzed using IC YK-421. Sharp peaks were obtained during the analysis…
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Milk Coffee (NH20-50 4E)

  When analyzing saccharides in food, it is necessary to remove the substances besides saccharides…
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Impurity Analysis of Voriconazole According to USP Method (CDBS-453)

According to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), a column packed with L45 is recommended for…
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Quantification of Alendronate Sodium Hydrate and Its Related Compound According to JP Method (DS-413)

Alendronic acid is widely used for the treatment of osteoporosis. According to the JP method…
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