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Advantages of ODP2 HP (4) Ability for Use with Low Salt Concentrations

When 10mM ammonium acetate buffer was used as an eluent, each column showed
a good chromatogram. When the ammonium acetate concentration was lowered to
1mM, both ODS columns showed
tailing peaks caused by interaction between scopolamine and the residual silanol
groups in the column.

: 5µL
Scopolamine(pKa7.6) 300mg/L

On the other hand, polymer based ODP2
showed no non-specific adsorption of scopolamine to the media even
when the ammonium acetate concentration was lowered. Scopolamine elutes with
a sharp peak. As elution time and peak shapes are not affected even if the salt
concentration in the eluent is lowered,
columns are suitable for ESI methods (LC/MS) where salt concentration
in the eluent affects ion suppression of the sample.

Columns : Shodex ODP2 HP-4D (4.6mmID*150mm each)
ODS(A), ODS(B) from other manufacturer (4.6mmID*150mm each)
Eluent : Ammonium acetate buffer(pH7.0)/CH3CN=35/65
Flow rate : 1.0mL/min
Detector : UV(254nm)
Column temp. : 40°C