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Calibration Curve for Saccharides and Organic Acids (SH1011)


Quantitaive analysis of saccharides and organic acids was performed using SUGAR SH1011. The linearity of the calibration curves are fairly good.

Sample : 10micro-L

Coefficient of determination
(0.2 to 250 μg)
Glucose 0.9999
Succinic acid 1.0000
Isomaltotriose 0.9999
Xylitol 0.9999
Maltitol 1.0000
Acetic acid 1.0000
Propionic acid 1.0000
Adipic acid 0.9997

 Column : Shodex SUGAR SH1011 (8.0mmID*300mm)
 Eluent : 5mM H2SO4 aq.
 Flow rate : 0.6mL/min
 Detector : Shodex RI for saccharides
 UV(210nm) for organic acids
 Column temp. : 60°C