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Poly(Butylene Terephthalate) (1) (Eluent: HFIP) (HFIP-805 + HFIP-803)

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Poly(butylene terephthalate) was analyzed using GPC HFIP-805 + HFIP-803 (columns for GPC separation). PBT is a polyester resin used in a wide variety of fields. This chromatogram shows that small amounts of oligomers may affect the characteristics of PBT resin.

Sample : PBT, Poly(butylene terephthalate)

 Columns : Shodex GPC HFIP-805 + HFIP-803 (8.0mmID*300mm each)
 Eluent : 5mM CF3COONa in HFIP
 Flow rate : 1.0mL/min
 Detector : Shodex RI
 Column temp. : 40°C