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Procaine and Procaineamide (ODP-50 4D)

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When using an alkaline eluent with a higher pH than the pKa sample value, basic drug components which have tertiary amino groups can be retained by the column because the amino groups are not dissociated and, in consequence, the hydrophobicity of the drug components decrease. Such analysis conditions can be realized for Asahipak ODP-50 4D because it can be used with alkaline eluent at pH11.

Sample :
1. Procainamide hydrochloride
2. Procaine hydrochloride

 Column : Shodex Asahipak ODP-50 4D (4.6mmID*150mm)
 Eluent : 25mM Phosphate buffer/CH3CN=60/40
 Flow rate : 0.6mL/min
 Detector : UV(254nm)
 Column temp. : 30°C