Discontinued Products (2019)

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Product Name

I.D., mm

Length, mm

F6710032 Asahipak ODP-51 4B 4.6 50
F7009040 RSpak CARB-413 4.6 150
F7009041 RSpak CARB-413L 4.6 250
F6700152 RSpak CARB-LF 6.0 10
F6700240 IC Y-521L 8.0 50
F6118251 MSpak SP-80 4B 4.6 50
F6378040 SUGAR CH-801 8.0 300
F6700040 SUGAR CH-G 6.0 50
F6709351 GPC KF-600D 6.0 50
F6650064 Silica C18M 4D/V 4.6 150
F6650056 Silica 5TMS 4D 4.6 150
F6650057 Silica 5TMS 4E 4.6 250
F6651012 Silica C18-4C 4.6 100
F8700011 MSpak PK-2A 5p 2.0 10
F8700013 MSpak PK-4A 5p 4.0 10
F6512013 RSpak DS-2013 20.0 300
F6700180 RSpak DS-LG 8.0 50
F8402500 STANDARD P-2500 0.2g/vial
F8401300 STANDARD P-1300 0.2g/vial
F8400003 STANDARD P-3 0.2g/vial
F8400002 STANDARD P-2 0.2g/vial
F8400001 STANDARD P-1 0.2g/vial
F7858041 n/a NH2P40-M8E 0.8 250
F7858042 n/a NH2P40-M8D 0.8 150
F7858043 n/a NH2P40-M8B 0.8 50
F7858044 n/a NH2P40-M8T 0.8 35
F7858061 n/a NH2P40-M3E 0.3 250
F7858062 n/a NH2P40-M3D 0.3 150
F7858063 n/a NH2P40-M3B 0.3 50
F7858064 n/a NH2P40-M3T 0.3 35

Analytical Columns







F7623003 ET-RP1 3D
F6604110 Silicapak E-411
F8500650 IC FL-2
F8500660 IC FL-2 filter
F6700240 IC Y-521L
F7610005 Asahipak GS-320 7E
F7009040 RSpak CARB-413
F7009041 RSpak CARB-413L
F6700152 RSpak CARB-LF
F8700011 MSpak PK-2A 5p
F8700013 MSpak PK-4A 5p

Prep/Micro Columns

Products code

Product series

Product name

F6512013 RSpak DS-2013
F6700180 RSpak DS-LG
F6820019 Asahipak ODP-130 28F
F6710001 Asahipak ODP-50G 6A
F6714029 Asahipak ODP-130G 20C
F6830007 Asahipak NH2P-130 28F
F6710031 Asahipak NH2P-50G 6A
F6548020 IEC QA-2825
F6548021 IEC DEAE-2825
F6548022 IEC SP-2825
F6548023 IEC CM-2825
Micro Column
Product Code Product Series Column Name
F7840122 DE413-2D
F7840124 DE413-2T
F7840131 DE413-1E
F7840132 DE413-1D
F7840133 DE413-1B
F7840134 DE413-1T
F7840142 DE413-M8D
F7840143 DE413-M8B
F7840144 DE413-M8T
F7840152 DE413-M5D
F7840153 DE413-M5B
F7840154 DE413-M5T
F7840162 DE413-M3D
F7840163 DE413-M3B
F7840164 DE413-M3T
F7860123 NN414-2B
F7860124 NN414-2T
F7860132 NN414-1D
F7860133 NN414-1B
F7860134 NN414-1T
F7860142 NN414-M8D
F7860143 NN414-M8B
F7860144 NN414-M8T
F7860152 NN414-M5D
F7860153 NN414-M5B
F7860154 NN414-M5T
F7860162 NN414-M3D
F7860163 NN414-M3B
F7860164 NN414-M3T
F7830121 ODP50-2E
F7830122 ODP50-2D
F7830123 ODP50-2B
F7830124 ODP50-2T
F7830131 ODP50-1E
F7830132 ODP50-1D
F7830133 ODP50-1B
F7830134 ODP50-1T
F7830142 ODP50-M8D
F7830143 ODP50-M8B
F7830144 ODP50-M8T
F7830152 ODP50-M5D
F7830153 ODP50-M5B
F7830154 ODP50-M5T
F7830162 ODP50-M3D
F7830163 ODP50-M3B
F7830164 ODP50-M3T
F7838021 ODP40-2E
F7838024 ODP40-2T
F7838031 ODP40-1E
F7838032 ODP40-1D
F7838033 ODP40-1B
F7838034 ODP40-1T
F7838042 ODP40-M8D
F7838043 ODP40-M8B
F7838044 ODP40-M8T
F7838052 ODP40-M5D
F7838053 ODP40-M5B
F7838054 ODP40-M5T
F7838062 ODP40-M3D
F7838063 ODP40-M3B
F7838064 ODP40-M3T
F7850121 NH2P50-2E
F7850122 NH2P50-2D
F7850123 NH2P50-2B
F7850124 NH2P50-2T
F7850131 NH2P50-1E
F7850132 NH2P50-1D
F7850133 NH2P50-1B
F7850134 NH2P50-1T
F7850142 NH2P50-M8D
F7850143 NH2P50-M8B
F7850144 NH2P50-M8T
F7850152 NH2P50-M5D
F7850153 NH2P50-M5B
F7850154 NH2P50-M5T
F7850162 NH2P50-M3D
F7850163 NH2P50-M3B
F7850164 NH2P50-M3T
F7858021 NH2P40-2E
F7858022 NH2P40-2D
F7858023 NH2P40-2B
F7858024 NH2P40-2T
F7858031 NH2P40-1E
F7858032 NH2P40-1D
F7858033 NH2P40-1B
F7858034 NH2P40-1T
F7858042 NH2P40-M8D
F7858043 NH2P40-M8B
F7858044 NH2P40-M8T
F7858052 NH2P40-M5D
F7858053 NH2P40-M5B
F7858054 NH2P40-M5T
F7858062 NH2P40-M3D
F7858063 NH2P40-M3B
F7858064 NH2P40-M3T
F7940322 QA8-2D
F7940323 QA8-2B
F7940324 QA8-2T
F7940332 QA8-1D
F7940333 QA8-1B
F7940334 QA8-1T
F7940342 QA8-M8D
F7940343 QA8-M8B
F7940344 QA8-M8T
F7940352 QA8-M5D
F7940353 QA8-M5B
F7940354 QA8-M5T
F7940362 QA8-M3D
F7940363 QA8-M3B
F7940364 QA8-M3T
F7940422 DEAE8-2D
F7940423 DEAE8-2B
F7940424 DEAE8-2T
F7940432 DEAE8-1D
F7940433 DEAE8-1B
F7940434 DEAE8-1T
F7940442 DEAE8-M8D
F7940443 DEAE8-M8B
F7940444 DEAE8-M8T
F7940452 DEAE8-M5D
F7940453 DEAE8-M5B
F7940454 DEAE8-M5T
F7940462 DEAE8-M3D
F7940463 DEAE8-M3B
F7940464 DEAE8-M3T
F7940122 SP8-2D
F7940123 SP8-2B
F7940124 SP8-2T
F7940132 SP8-1D
F7940133 SP8-1B
F7940134 SP8-1T
F7940142 SP8-M8D
F7940143 SP8-M8B
F7940144 SP8-M8T
F7940152 SP8-M5D
F7940153 SP8-M5B
F7940154 SP8-M5T
F7940162 SP8-M3D
F7940163 SP8-M3B
F7940164 SP8-M3T
F7940222 CM8-2D
F7940223 CM8-2B
F7940224 CM8-2T
F7940232 CM8-1D
F7940233 CM8-1B
F7940234 CM8-1T
F7940242 CM8-M8D
F7940243 CM8-M8B
F7940244 CM8-M8T
F7940252 CM8-M5D
F7940253 CM8-M5B
F7940254 CM8-M5T
F7940262 CM8-M3D
F7940263 CM8-M3B
F7940264 CM8-M3T
F7960123 DEAE9A-2B
F7960124 DEAE9A-2T
F7960132 DEAE9A-1D
F7960133 DEAE9A-1B
F7960134 DEAE9A-1T
F7960142 DEAE9A-M8D
F7960143 DEAE9A-M8B
F7960144 DEAE9A-M8T
F7960152 DEAE9A-M5D
F7960153 DEAE9A-M5B
F7960154 DEAE9A-M5T
F7960162 DEAE9A-M3D
F7960163 DEAE9A-M3B
F7960164 DEAE9A-M3T
F7960222 CM9A-2D
F7960223 CM9A-2B
F7960224 CM9A-2T
F7960232 CM9A-1D
F7960233 CM9A-1B
F7960234 CM9A-1T
F7960242 CM9A-M8D
F7960243 CM9A-M8B
F7960244 CM9A-M8T
F7960252 CM9A-M5D
F7960253 CM9A-M5B
F7960254 CM9A-M5T
F7960262 CM9A-M3D
F7960263 CM9A-M3B
F7960264 CM9A-M3T
F7950223 DEAE3N-2B
F7950224 DEAE3N-2T
F7950233 DEAE3N-1B
F7950234 DEAE3N-1T
F7950243 DEAE3N-M8B
F7950244 DEAE3N-M8T
F7950253 DEAE3N-M5B
F7950254 DEAE3N-M5T
F7950263 DEAE3N-M3B
F7950264 DEAE3N-M3T
F7950123 SP3N-2B
F7950124 SP3N-2T
F7950133 SP3N-1B
F7950134 SP3N-1T
F7950143 SP3N-M8B
F7950144 SP3N-M8T
F7950153 SP3N-M5B
F7950154 SP3N-M5T
F7950163 SP3N-M3B
F7950164 SP3N-M3T
F7780211 KW802.5-4E
F7780212 KW802.5-4D
F7780213 KW802.5-4B
F7780221 KW802.5-2E
F7780222 KW802.5-2D
F7780223 KW802.5-2B
F7780231 KW802.5-1E
F7780232 KW802.5-1D
F7780233 KW802.5-1B
F7780241 KW802.5-M8E
F7780242 KW802.5-M8D
F7780243 KW802.5-M8B
F7780251 KW802.5-M5E
F7780252 KW802.5-M5D
F7780253 KW802.5-M5B
F7780261 KW802.5-M3E
F7780262 KW802.5-M3D
F7780263 KW802.5-M3B
F7780311 KW803-4E
F7780312 KW803-4D
F7780313 KW803-4B
F7780321 KW803-2E
F7780322 KW803-2D
F7780323 KW803-2B
F7780331 KW803-1E
F7780332 KW803-1D
F7780333 KW803-1B
F7780341 KW803-M8E
F7780342 KW803-M8D
F7780343 KW803-M8B
F7780351 KW803-M5E
F7780352 KW803-M5D
F7780353 KW803-M5B
F7780361 KW803-M3E
F7780362 KW803-M3D
F7780363 KW803-M3B
F7780411 KW804-4E
F7780412 KW804-4D
F7780413 KW804-4B
F7780421 KW804-2E
F7780422 KW804-2D
F7780423 KW804-2B
F7780431 KW804-1E
F7780432 KW804-1D
F7780433 KW804-1B
F7780441 KW804-M8E
F7780442 KW804-M8D
F7780443 KW804-M8B
F7780451 KW804-M5E
F7780452 KW804-M5D
F7780453 KW804-M5B
F7780461 KW804-M3E
F7780462 KW804-M3D
F7780463 KW804-M3B
F7781221 KW402.5-2E
F7781222 KW402.5-2D
F7781223 KW402.5-2B
F7781231 KW402.5-1E
F7781232 KW402.5-1D
F7781233 KW402.5-1B
F7781241 KW402.5-M8E
F7781242 KW402.5-M8D
F7781243 KW402.5-M8B
F7781251 KW402.5-M5E
F7781252 KW402.5-M5D
F7781253 KW402.5-M5B
F7781261 KW402.5-M3E
F7781262 KW402.5-M3D
F7781263 KW402.5-M3B
F7781321 KW403-2E
F7781322 KW403-2D
F7781323 KW403-2B
F7781331 KW403-1E
F7781332 KW403-1D
F7781333 KW403-1B
F7781341 KW403-M8E
F7781342 KW403-M8D
F7781343 KW403-M8B
F7781351 KW403-M5E
F7781352 KW403-M5D
F7781353 KW403-M5B
F7781361 KW403-M3E
F7781362 KW403-M3D
F7781363 KW403-M3B
F7781412 KW404-4D
F7781413 KW404-4B
F7781421 KW404-2E
F7781422 KW404-2D
F7781423 KW404-2B
F7781431 KW404-1E
F7781432 KW404-1D
F7781433 KW404-1B
F7781441 KW404-M8E
F7781442 KW404-M8D
F7781443 KW404-M8B
F7781451 KW404-M5E
F7781452 KW404-M5D
F7781453 KW404-M5B
F7781461 KW404-M3E
F7781462 KW404-M3D
F7781463 KW404-M3B
F7781512 KW405-4D
F7781513 KW405-4B
F7781521 KW405-2E
F7781522 KW405-2D
F7781523 KW405-2B
F7781531 KW405-1E
F7781532 KW405-1D
F7781533 KW405-1B
F7781541 KW405-M8E
F7781542 KW405-M8D
F7781543 KW405-M8B
F7781551 KW405-M5E
F7781552 KW405-M5D
F7781553 KW405-M5B
F7781561 KW405-M3E
F7781562 KW405-M3D
F7781563 KW405-M3B
F7770111 SB802-4E
F7770112 SB802-4D
F7770113 SB802-4B
F7770121 SB802-2E
F7770122 SB802-2D
F7770123 SB802-2B
F7770131 SB802-1E
F7770132 SB802-1D
F7770133 SB802-1B
F7770141 SB802-M8E
F7770142 SB802-M8D
F7770143 SB802-M8B
F7770151 SB802-M5E
F7770152 SB802-M5D
F7770153 SB802-M5B
F7770161 SB802-M3E
F7770162 SB802-M3D
F7770163 SB802-M3B
F7770211 SB802.5-4E
F7770212 SB802.5-4D
F7770213 SB802.5-4B
F7770221 SB802.5-2E
F7770222 SB802.5-2D
F7770223 SB802.5-2B
F7770231 SB802.5-1E
F7770232 SB802.5-1D
F7770233 SB802.5-1B
F7770241 SB802.5-M8E
F7770242 SB802.5-M8D
F7770243 SB802.5-M8B
F7770251 SB802.5-M5E
F7770252 SB802.5-M5D
F7770253 SB802.5-M5B
F7770261 SB802.5-M3E
F7770262 SB802.5-M3D
F7770263 SB802.5-M3B
F7770311 SB803-4E
F7770312 SB803-4D
F7770313 SB803-4B
F7770321 SB803-2E
F7770322 SB803-2D
F7770323 SB803-2B
F7770331 SB803-1E
F7770332 SB803-1D
F7770333 SB803-1B
F7770341 SB803-M8E
F7770342 SB803-M8D
F7770343 SB803-M8B
F7770351 SB803-M5E
F7770352 SB803-M5D
F7770353 SB803-M5B
F7770361 SB803-M3E
F7770362 SB803-M3D
F7770363 SB803-M3B
F7770411 SB804-4E
F7770412 SB804-4D
F7770413 SB804-4B
F7770421 SB804-2E
F7770422 SB804-2D
F7770423 SB804-2B
F7770431 SB804-1E
F7770432 SB804-1D
F7770433 SB804-1B
F7770441 SB804-M8E
F7770442 SB804-M8D
F7770443 SB804-M8B
F7770451 SB804-M5E
F7770452 SB804-M5D
F7770453 SB804-M5B
F7770461 SB804-M3E
F7770462 SB804-M3D
F7770463 SB804-M3B
F7770511 SB805-4E
F7770512 SB805-4D
F7770513 SB805-4B
F7770521 SB805-2E
F7770522 SB805-2D
F7770523 SB805-2B
F7770531 SB805-1E
F7770532 SB805-1D
F7770533 SB805-1B
F7770541 SB805-M8E
F7770542 SB805-M8D
F7770543 SB805-M8B
F7770551 SB805-M5E
F7770552 SB805-M5D
F7770553 SB805-M5B
F7770561 SB805-M3E
F7770562 SB805-M3D
F7770563 SB805-M3B
F7770611 SB806-4E
F7770612 SB806-4D
F7770613 SB806-4B
F7770621 SB806-2E
F7770622 SB806-2D
F7770623 SB806-2B
F7770631 SB806-1E
F7770632 SB806-1D
F7770633 SB806-1B
F7770641 SB806-M8E
F7770642 SB806-M8D
F7770643 SB806-M8B
F7770651 SB806-M5E
F7770652 SB806-M5D
F7770653 SB806-M5B
F7770661 SB806-M3E
F7770662 SB806-M3D
F7770663 SB806-M3B
F7750211 GS220A-4E
F7750212 GS220A-4D
F7750213 GS220A-4B
F7750221 GS220A-2E
F7750222 GS220A-2D
F7750223 GS220A-2B
F7750231 GS220A-1E
F7750232 GS220A-1D
F7750233 GS220A-1B
F7750241 GS220A-M8E
F7750242 GS220A-M8D
F7750243 GS220A-M8B
F7750251 GS220A-M5E
F7750252 GS220A-M5D
F7750253 GS220A-M5B
F7750261 GS220A-M3E
F7750262 GS220A-M3D
F7750263 GS220A-M3B
F7750313 GS320A-4B
F7750321 GS320A-2E
F7750322 GS320A-2D
F7750323 GS320A-2B
F7750331 GS320A-1E
F7750332 GS320A-1D
F7750333 GS320A-1B
F7750341 GS320A-M8E
F7750342 GS320A-M8D
F7750343 GS320A-M8B
F7750351 GS320A-M5E
F7750352 GS320A-M5D
F7750353 GS320A-M5B
F7750361 GS320A-M3E
F7750362 GS320A-M3D
F7750363 GS320A-M3B
F7750511 GS520A-4E
F7750512 GS520A-4D
F7750513 GS520A-4B
F7750521 GS520A-2E
F7750522 GS520A-2D
F7750523 GS520A-2B
F7750531 GS520A-1E
F7750532 GS520A-1D
F7750533 GS520A-1B
F7750541 GS520A-M8E
F7750542 GS520A-M8D
F7750543 GS520A-M8B
F7750551 GS520A-M5E
F7750552 GS520A-M5D
F7750553 GS520A-M5B
F7750561 GS520A-M3E
F7750562 GS520A-M3D
F7750563 GS520A-M3B
F7750611 GS620A-4E
F7750612 GS620A-4D
F7750621 GS620A-2E
F7750622 GS620A-2D
F7750623 GS620A-2B
F7750631 GS620A-1E
F7750632 GS620A-1D
F7750633 GS620A-1B
F7750641 GS620A-M8E
F7750642 GS620A-M8D
F7750643 GS620A-M8B
F7750651 GS620A-M5E
F7750652 GS620A-M5D
F7750653 GS620A-M5B
F7750661 GS620A-M3E
F7750662 GS620A-M3D
F7750663 GS620A-M3B
F7760311 GF310A-4E
F7760312 GF310A-4D
F7760313 GF310A-4B
F7760321 GF310A-2E
F7760322 GF310A-2D
F7760323 GF310A-2B
F7760331 GF310A-1E
F7760332 GF310A-1D
F7760333 GF310A-1B
F7760341 GF310A-M8E
F7760342 GF310A-M8D
F7760343 GF310A-M8B
F7760351 GF310A-M5E
F7760352 GF310A-M5D
F7760353 GF310A-M5B
F7760361 GF310A-M3E
F7760362 GF310A-M3D
F7760363 GF310A-M3B
F7760513 GF510A-4B
F7760521 GF510A-2E
F7760522 GF510A-2D
F7760523 GF510A-2B
F7760531 GF510A-1E
F7760532 GF510A-1D
F7760533 GF510A-1B
F7760541 GF510A-M8E
F7760542 GF510A-M8D
F7760543 GF510A-M8B
F7760551 GF510A-M5E
F7760552 GF510A-M5D
F7760553 GF510A-M5B
F7760561 GF510A-M3E
F7760562 GF510A-M3D
F7760563 GF510A-M3B
F7760711 GF710A-4E
F7760713 GF710A-4B
F7760721 GF710A-2E
F7760722 GF710A-2D
F7760723 GF710A-2B
F7760731 GF710A-1E
F7760732 GF710A-1D
F7760733 GF710A-1B
F7760741 GF710A-M8E
F7760742 GF710A-M8D
F7760743 GF710A-M8B
F7760751 GF710A-M5E
F7760752 GF710A-M5D
F7760753 GF710A-M5B
F7760761 GF710A-M3E
F7760762 GF710A-M3D
F7760763 GF710A-M3B