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Thank you for your interest in Shodex™ HPLC products!

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Direct Sales Pricing

Once you register on our website, you can check the price under each product list.
If you need a quotation and availability, please contact us. Our price includes FedEx second day shipping except to Hawaii. If you are from Hawaii, you may choose to use your FedEx or UPS account to pay the delivering fee.

Sales tax will be added for orders shipped to the following states; CA, IL, NJ, NY, and OH.

If you are tax exempt, please fax (212-370-4566) or email the tax exempt form with your order.


Lead Time

We keep most analytical and guard columns and standards in inventory. We do our best to process the shipment as soon as possible. Please contact us for the exact lead time specific to your order.

Our preparative, micro, semi-micro, and special customized columns are prepared upon receiving your order. The expected lead time is 5-6 weeks. Please plan your order accordingly.


Placing an Order

Credit Card Payment

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 If you cannot make a payment by credit card (through PayPal), please contact us to discuss other options.

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To place your order, please fill in the order form, save the form, and send the form to [email protected]

We will reply you with a confirmation email as soon as possible, if you do not hear from us within 24 business hours, please contact us by email or phone 212-370-0033 ext 109.

We thank you again for your interest in Shodex™ HPLC products.