New HILICpak Series Columns for Diverse Polar Separations


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Showa Denko introduces new Shodex™ brand HILICpak columns to cover a wide range of polar separations. Accomplish superior separations and recovery using cationic, anionic and substituted amine type columns. See the range specifics below and click to see specifications and to order your preferred column.

  1. VC-50 series: Carboxylated functionality for amino acid and peptide separation (optimal for MS, CAD and ELSD applications).
  2. VN-50 series: Diol functionality for hard-to-separate oligosaccharides, up to DP-10 and beyond.
  3. VG-50 series: Tertiary amino functionalization inhibits the formation of Schiff bases in reducing sugars like mannose. The result is nearly 99+% recovery of monosaccharides.
  4. VT-50 series: Quaternary ammonium functional groups mimic the ion-exchange separation mode without the salt/eluent gradient headaches. Easy-to-use and easy-to-separate sugar anionic compounds such as phosphorylated sugars.
Reference: Anders H. Honoré , Michael Thorsen, Thomas Skov, Anal Bioanal Chem (2013) 405:8151–8170, “Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry for metabolic footprinting of co-cultures of lactic and propionic acid bacteria”
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