New OHpak LB-800 series – MALS Compatible Columns for Aqueous SEC


SDK’s “OHpak” series, which consists of columns for aqueous SEC, uses hydrophilic polymer base as packing material, has lineup of various particle sizes, and responds to a wide molecular weight range.

OHpak LB-800” column series, which is a subseries of OHpak SDK newly developed this time, is compatible with high-sensitivity MALS detector. By minimizing noise level, this new series enables MALS detectors to detect low molecule samples which are difficult to be detected by conventional columns. Thus, OHpak LB-800 series makes it easy to analyze additives to pharmaceuticals and conjugate vaccines which comprise bound proteins and polysaccharides.

Read the official news release: Showa Denko’s Shodex Brand Launches New Hydrophilic Columns

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