Prevail Carbohydrate ES Replacement

Replace your Grace (Alltech) Carbohydrate ES Column with the EXACT Shodex Amino HILIC Column!
Grace Discovery Sciences (Alltech®) Prevail™ series Column Dimensions ID x L (mm) Shodex™ product code Product name (Click below for specifications and online purchase) Column Dimensions ID x L (mm)
Carbohydrate ES 4.6x150mm (35102) 4.6 x 150 F7630002 NH2P-50 4D 4.6 x 150
Carbohydrate ES 4.6x250mm (35101) 4.6 x 250 F7630001 NH2P-50 4E 4.6 x 250
Carbohydrate ES 2.0x150mm (Custom) 2.0 x 150 F7630006 NH2P-50 2D 2.0 x 150
Carbohydrate ES 3.0x250mm (Custom) 3.0 x 250 F7630007 NH2P-40 3E 3.0 x 250
Ask about our prep series and custom NH2P-50 (Rocket™ replacement) and NH2P-40 high performance columns!