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Features of the VT Series
  • Suitable for anionic substances (especially phosphate compounds) analysis using HILIC mode
  • Use of some eluents add ion exchange mode
  • Polymer-based packing material provides excellent chemical stability and minimum deterioration over an extended time period
  • Suitable for LC/MS analysis

Product Name functional groupparticle size umplate number tp columnpore size average ashipping solventsize i d x length mmpriceBuy Now
HILICpak VT-50 2DQuaternary Ammonium5>4,50010025 mM NH₄HCO₂ aq./ CH₃CN = 15/852.0 x 150
HILICpak VT-50G 2AQuaternary Ammonium5(Guard column) NA10025 mM NH₄HCO₂ aq./ CH₃CN = 15/852.0 x 10
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