Ion Chromatography

Shodex™ ion chromatography columns are among the best in the industry. We offer both suppressed columns for sensitive anion separations required for water analyses and non-suppressed columns that can be run on traditional HPLC systems equipped with a conductivity detector. Refer to the features for each column and the column selection guide below.  
NI-424Ideal for anion non-suppressor methods
I-524ANI-424 provides simultaneous analysis of fluoride and phosphate ions
I-524A fulfills USP-NF L23 requirements
SI-90 4ESuitable for anion suppressor methods with sodium carbonate eluent
SI-50 4ESuitable for the quantitative analysis of fluoride ion
SI-52 4ESI-50 4E separates target inorganic anions from organic acids
SI-52 4E provides simultaneous analysis of oxyhalides and general inorganic ions
SI-35Rapid-analysis type columns used with suppressor and sodium carbonate eluent
SI-35 4D provides rapid analysis of oxyhalides and general inorganic ions
SI-35 2B provides rapid analysis of general inorganic ions
SI-36 4DSuitable for anion suppressor methods with potassium hydroxide
Good separation of sulfite and sulfate ions
Analysis of seven general inorganic anions within 30 minutes under isocratic conditions

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