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Ligand Exchange, Ion Exclusion & Specialized GFC

Shodex™ ligand exchange, ion exclusion and specialized GFC columns can separate sugars from monosaccharides and disaccharides to oligosaccharides and even polysaccharides. Moreover, we offer columns that can separate both organic acids and saccharides simultaneously. Our columns operate in full ligand exchange or ion exclusion mode. Depending on eluent selection some of our column can operate in mixed mode. For example, our KS series that operate in mixed mode ligand exchange and size exclusion. Read more about the features below as well as our column selection guide. Choose the perfect column or columns for your application. Please refer to our HILIC and Gel Filtration product guides for more information about saccharides and organic separations in other modes.
SC1011 Separates saccharides by combination of ligand exchange and size exclusion modes
SP0810 Three types of counter ions are available: Ca2+, Pb2+ and Na+
KS-801 Only water is required for the analysis of neutral sugars
KS-802 SC1011 fulfills USP-NF L19 and L22 requirements
SP0810 fulfills USP-NF L22 and L34 requirements
KS-801 and KS-802 fulfill USP-NF L22 and L58 requirements
KS-803 Suitable for separation of polysaccharides by size exclusion mode
KS-804 Can be used in combination with other columns e.g., KS-801 and/or KS-802
Only water is required for the analysis of neutral sugars
Fulfill USP-NF L22 and L58 requirements
DC-613 Separates elements by combination of ligand exchange and HILIC modes
DC-613 can analyze sugars without removing sodium salts in the sample
SZ5532 is recommended for the separation of disaccharides or trisaccharides
SZ5532 SC1211 is suitable for separating sugar alcohols
DC-613 fulfills USP-NF L22 and L58 requirements
SC1211 SZ5532 fulfills USP-NF L22 requirements
SC1211 fulfills USP-NF L19 and L22 requirements
SC1011-7F Pharmacopoeia method relevant columns
Ca2+ modified ligand exchange chromatography column
MN-431 Only water is required for the analysis of neutral sugars
Fulfill USP-NF L19 and L22 requirements

Column Selection: by Combination of Saccharides

Saccharides to be separated Columns to be selected
Glu,Fru SP0810,SC1011,SC1211,KS-801
Glc,Gal,Fru SP0810,SC1011,SC1211
Glc,Gal,Man SP0810
Glc,Gal,Ara SP0810,SC1011,SZ5532
Glc,Xyl,Ara SP0810,SC1011,SZ5532
Glc,Fru,Sorbitol SC1011,SC1211,SC1821 (discontinued),SZ5532
Glc,Gal,Sorbitol,Ducitol SP0810,SC1011
Glc,Gal,Man,Sorbitol,Ducitol,Mannitol SP0810
Glc,Fru,Gly,EtOH SC1011,SC1211,KS-801
Glc,Fru+alcohols SC1011,SH1011,SC1211
Glc,Fru+organic acids SH1011,SH1821
Suc,Lac SZ5532
Suc,Mal SZ5532
Suc,Mal,Lac SZ5532
Mal,Isomaltose SZ5532
Lac,Lactulose SP0810,SC1011
Suc,Glc,Fru SC1011,SC1211,KS-801,SZ5532
Suc,Lac,Glc,Gal,Fru SZ5532
Mal,Glc,Fru,Gly,EtOH SC1011,SC1211,KS-801
Cel,Glc,Gal,Man,Xyl,Ara SP0810
Mal,Glc,Fru,Sorbitol SP0810,SC1011,SC1211,SZ5532
Mal,Glc,Fru+alcohols SC1011,SC1211,SH1011
Mal,Glc,Fru+organic acids SH1011,SH1821
Suc,Glc,Fru,Sorbitol SP0810,SC1011,SC1211,SC1821
Mal,Maltitol SP0810,SC1011,SC1211,SZ5532
Suc,Lac,Mal,Maltitol SZ5532
Glc,Suc,Erythrytol SP0810,SC1011,KS-801
Mal,Glc,Fru,Erythrytol SP0810,SC1011
Sta,Raf,Mal,Glc,Gal,Ara SC1011,KS-801,SZ5532
G4,G3,Mal,Glc SC1011,KS-801,KS-802
Sta,Raf,Suc,Glc SC1011,KS-801,SZ5532
Raf,Suc,Glc,Fru,Ara KS-801
Maltooligosaccharide SC1821 (discontinued),KS-802,SZ5532
Maltooligosaccharide+alcohols SC1821 (discontinued),KS-802,SH1821
Maltooligosaccharide+organic acids SH1821
Maltooligosaccharide+sugar alcohols SC1821 (discontinued),SC1011+KS-802
Xylitol,Sorbitol SC1011,SC1211,SZ5532
Sobitol,Mannitol,Xylitol SP0810,SC1211,SZ5532
Sobitol,Dulcitol,Xylitol SP0810,SC1011,SZ5532
Maltitol,Sorbitol SC1011,SC1211,SZ5532
Maltitol,Dulcitol,Arabitol,Xylitol,Mannitol,Sorbitol SC1211

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