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Product Name counter ionin column solventmax pressure mpamax usable flow rate ml minparticle size umph rangeplate number tp columnpore size average asalt conc msize i d x length mmtemperature range cseparation modepriceBuy Now
RSpak DC-613Na+H₂O/CH₃CN (30/70)53.062 to 14>5,500100< 0.56.0 x 15040 to 85-
Rspak DC-G 4ANa+H₂O/CH₃CN (30/70)--10-(Guard column) NA--4.6 x 10--
SUGAR SC1211Ca2+H₂O/CH₃CN (75/25)41.06->5,500--6.0 x 250< 95N&R+LEX
SUGAR SC1211G 4ACa2+H₂O/CH₃CN (75/25)41.010-(Guard column) NA--4.6 x 10< 95N&R+LEX
SUGAR SZ-GZn2+H₂O/CH₃CN (30/70)42.06-(Guard column) NA--4.6 x 10< 80N&R+LEX
SUGAR SZ5532Zn2+H₂O/CH₃CN (30/70)42.06->5,500--6.0 x 150< 80N&R+LEX
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