Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)

KF-800 K-800 KD-800 · Standard organic solvent SEC (GPC) column · Supports a wide range of applications from low to high molecular weight compounds· Compatible solvents include THF (KF Series), Chloroform (K Series), and DMF (KD Series)
KF-400 · About 1.5 times better separation performance than standard columns, obtains higher resolution · About 4 times better sensitivity than that of standard columns, supports high sensitivity analysis· The amount of solvent used is reduced to about a third · Improved applicability of solvent replacement
KF-600 · Approximately half of the analysis time compared with standard columns · The amount of solvent used is reduced to about a third· Improved applicability of solvent replacement
LF-Series · Employs a special packing material with a wide pore size distribution (multi-pore type) · Highly linear calibration curve without inflection points· Molecular weight distribution can be determined with high precision · Enables analysis over a broad range of molecular weights (100 to 2,000,000) · Column for rapid analysis (LF-604) and column for high performance analysis (LF-404) enabling reduction in solvent use are also available
HFIP-Series · Columns exclusively for use with hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP) · HFIP-600 is a rapid analysis, solvent saving type
HT-800 UT-800 · Varied product lineup to support a wide range of molecular weights(HFIP) · Dedicated to SEC analysis at high/ultra high temperatures with a maximum usable temperature of 150°C (HT-Series) and 210°C (UT-Series)
KF-800D K-800D · Use this column in combination with a linear column · By shifting the elution of monomers, polymer additives, and the solvent-peak in low molecular region, it reduces interferences in the calculation of the molecular weight distribution of polymers and oligomers