Multimode & Multi-solvent GPC

GS-HQ · Multimode separation type
· SEC is the main separation mode(GPC) column
· Depends on the eluent selected, the column adds multimode features of reversed phase, HILIC, and ion exchange modes to SEC
· Suitable for the separation of peptides or nucleic acids with similar molecular weights
· Suitable for desalting samples or substituting buffer in protein analysis
GF-HQ · Multi solvent compatible columns
· Polymer-based SEC columns exhibit high solvent durability
· Supports both aqueous and organic solvents
· New GF-210 HQ - Column for low molecular weight substance analysis with exclusion limit of 9,000 (pullulan)
· Improved applicability of solvent replacement
GF-310 · Semi-micro columns for Asahipak GF-310 HQ
· Effective for drug analysis in biological samples by using column switching method to remove proteins
· Useful for LC/MS analysis
· Suitable for the analysis of surfactants