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Product Name exclusion limit polystyreneflow rate maxmax pressure mpaparticle size umplate number tp columnrecommended flow ratesize i d x length mmtarget mw rangetemperature range cproduct_catpcs one boxpriceBuy Now
GPC HK-4012,0002.0253>9,0000.3 to 1.04.6 x 150100-1,500< 80HK-400 Series-
GPC HK-404L1,000,0002.0253.5-0.3 to 1.04.6 x 150-< 80Rapid Analysis GPC (Multi-solvent)-
GPC HK-4054,000,0002.0253>7,0000.3 to 1.04.6 x 15010,000-2,500,000< 80HK-400 Series-
GPC HK-G---------HK-400 Series-
GPC HK-G Filter---------HK-400 Series3
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