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Product Name explanationfunctional groupion exchange capacity meq gmax pressure mpamax usable flow rate ml minparticle size umph rangesalt conc mscope of applicationsize i d x length mmtemperature range cusable organic solvent concshipping solventcounter ionin column solventplate number tp columnpore size average aexclusion limit pullulanrecommended flow rateseparation modepriceBuy Now
CXpak P-421SFor simultaneous analysis of amino acidsSulfo (Na+)4.350.763 <-Amino acid4.6 x 15015 to 6015%--------
EP SC1011-7F-Sulfo (Na+)---8---7.8 x 300--H₂O-------
RSpak DC-613---53.062 to 14< 0.5-6.0 x 15040 to 85--Na+H₂O/CH₃CN (30/70)>5,500100---
RSpak KC-811---51.56---8.0 x 300---Sulfo0.1% H3PO4 aq.>17,000----
RSpak KC-811 6E---51.56---6.0 x 250---Sulfo0.1% H3PO4 aq.>13,000----
SUGAR SP0810---31.07---8.0 x 300< 95--Pb2+H₂O>11,000-1,0000.5 to 1.0SEC+LEX
SUGAR KS-801---51.56---8.0 x 300< 85--Na+H₂O>17,000-1,000-SEC+LEX
SUGAR KS-802---51.56---8.0 x 300< 85--Na+H₂O>17,000-10,000-SEC+LEX
SUGAR KS-803---51.56---8.0 x 300< 85--Na+H₂O>17,000-50,000-SEC
SUGAR KS-804---51.57---8.0 x 300< 85--Na+H₂O>17,000-400,000-SEC
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