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RSpak DE-413


Product Explanation DE-413 is used as the main column and enzyme-fixed column ACH-494 is used as the post column.
Product In-column solvent H₂O/CH₃CN (50/50)
Product Max. Pressure (MPa) 15
Product Max. Usable Flow Rate (mL/min) 1.2
Product Particle size, um 4
Product pH range 2 to 12
Product Plate number (TP/Column) >11,000
Product Pore Size Average (Å) 25
Product Salt conc. (M) < 0.5
Product Scope of application Choline and acethylcholine
Product Size (I.D. x Length, mm) 4.6 x 150
Product Temperature Range (°C) RT to 60
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